The news is that there’s no news! That’s what you could say about what’s happening in Miami at the moment…

In the ongoing discussion about banning the highly acclaimed Ultra Music Festival from Downtown Miami, Mayor Tomás Regalado and Commssioner Marc Sarnoff decided yesterday to delay the issue debate until a meeting on April 24th. The reason remains unnamed as Regalado explained: “We heard the concerns of every commissioner, the chairman, Commissioner Suarez, in terms of the wording of the motion, and everybody wants to discuss, I would love to discuss Ultra. But I think that it satisfies everyone if we discuss this on the next commission meeting.

Whether being good news or bad news, Ultra Music Festival representatives have already begun celebrating what is simply only suspending a decision. They released the following statement on Facebook:

So, two more weeks to go for news (or just more delays???).

In the meantime, head over here to sign the petition to keep Ultra in the city!

(Source: Miami New Times & Facebook)