Bryce has come a long way with his productions. Located geographically in the heart of Germany and musically on the highly acclaimed Planet Punk label, he managed to serve some clever hits for the scene, especially his last single „Freefall Anthem“, a coverversion of Jeckyll & Hyde’s Jumpstyle classic. The single went straight to the No. 1 spot in Germany’s Dance Charts and also managed to receive great international reactions.

Is it time for the followup? Yes, it is. „Blade Theme“ is on the way, featuring the wellknown Acid part of the Pump Panel Remix of New Order’s “Confusion” (the track that opened the movie “Blade” back in 1998). The single is scheduled for a May 16th release, again on Planet Punk, and we’re happy to have some previews for you. Enjoy the Original Mix and Bodybanger’s (Tujamo-style) remix of it.

You can pre-order at Amazon.

What do you think? Good follow-up?