The news came in minutes ago and it already breaks the internet: Mayday-creator and legendary Techno-protagonist Westbam leaves his own event Mayday which he hosted and played at since 1991. He also takes his project „Members Of Mayday“ with him that delivered the annual hymn of the successful event.

In his statement (which we attached below in it’s original speech), Westbam says that he’s not confident anymore with the direction that the event took after he sold it to the company i-Motion which is now bought by American event organizer SFX (also the owner of Beatport etc.). It’s musically and intentionally not the Mayday anymore that he invented and it doesn’t carry the guideline “Forward ever, backward never” anymore. Therefore he leaves the project and will develop a new rave.

He also mentions that the „Members Of mayday“ will be replaced by the „Rebels Of Mayday“ which seems to him like an alternate i-Motion plan for the case he leaves the show.




More news to come as we’re waiting for the i-Motion statement!

Read our interview with Westbam here!