For those of you who are active users of the world’s leading Dance MP3 store Beatport, there’s news coming along that you will welcome very much. Beatport revealed Beatport Pro, the new music management application built by DJs for DJs. The system is compatible with iTunes, Traktor, Serato, Rekordbox and any iOS device. But what looks like another iTunes incarnation at first sight is much more and definitely a Dance music lover’s dream.

You can sort your Beatport purchases and collection your way, but also create special playlists that fit different audiences, using a filter that can organize your library by tracks, mixes, BPM, genre, parts, loops, sound effects and much more. Advanced filtering is also helpful for discovering new music in the Beatport store and in your collection. You can tag the tracks in your library with attributes for venue, mood, instruments and more to specialize it. And -a very nice feature- you can use different shopping carts to sort your purchases more flexible.

All in all a very nice tool that you can download here!

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