Billboard magazine took some time to talk to new Beatport CEO Lloyd Starr about rumored changes that will happen soon on our favorite Dance music store. It seems that a September relaunch is on the way which will include Beatport going more social media, featuring events, a community and more. This is part of the plan to engage non-purchasing customers more. As Starr said: „Over the past 10 years, Beatport’s been focused on accessing users through downloads, and we’re going to continue to do that. We’ll have new features there as well, but in the future we’re also going to be focused on providing affinity to music.“

Starr also shared a statement about the ongoing discussions about artists buying into the beatport charts. He had some interesting facts to say: „First of all, fuck those guys. It is bullshit what they’re doing. (…) We have some really cool tools with some really smart people working on how we deal with that reactively, and we’re building in functionality to deal with that proactively.“

More news to come!

(Source: Billboard)