A new website has caused uproar in Internetland about a topic that seems to whip up a lot of emotions. But let me start at the beginning: a few weeks ago, the world’s leading EDM download portal Beatport published a statement against chart cheating, a controversial topic for a long time. Taking a stand against complaints that money may drive the important charts for months now (massively buying your own tracks and therefore manipulating the charts), Beatport announced that they will ban those tracks and companies that will be discovered cheating.

Taking this in account, a new Tumblr page has popped up that calls itself „Beatport Banned Tracks“. The site presents loads of tracks that seem to be banned from the Beatport service and provides details on their charts positions etc. There are some interesting names and labels like David Guetta, Galantis, Markus Schulz, Ultra Records, PRMD, Armada, Germany’s Tiger Records and Housesession Records included. But in our eyes, this list is rather inaccurate, showing loads of tracks which are still on purchase (such as David Guetta’s remix of Avicii – „Addicted To You“). There’s also no official statement from Beatport or Beatport Banned Tracks who initiated this Tumblr page. So it remains upon any official statement what this is about and if the site has any connection with the charts manipulations.

But –as you might guess- the internet is already full of conversations about this. Check:


Stay tuned for more infos soon.

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