Avril Lavigne has reached stardom all over the world with harmless Pop tunes like „Skater Boy“, but her latest release seems to end this period. For „Hello Kitty“, Lavigne teamed up with Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger to create an EDM-influenced single that somehow reminds you of tracks like „Hollaback Girl“ or old Katy Perry songs. The Dance elements are obvious with this one. It even features something like a „drop“ in it.

But „Hello Kitty“ is causing more and more outrage on the internet. It’s not (only) because of the music (it’s not a good song, believe me), but because of the painfully bad video that has earned so many bad comments that it was rejected and dissappeared from the internet several times before popping up again. The video features loads of images of Japanese dancers and Asian culture that viewers don’t experience ironic or funny, but just racist. Apart from that the video is crafted so badly that it’s just not enjoyable. You really have to ask yourself who gave a “Go” on this one…

Check this out (as long as it is available):

What do you think? Crap? Good? Racist or not?