There are rumours all over the internet regarding a new streaming service provided by Amazon. It seems that the online shop is in final phases to follow the footsteps of Spotify: Digital Music News is delivering a leaked license agreement that Amazon sent out to rights owners of musical content. According to Digital Music News, these are the main points:

“(a) Amazon will primarily use its streaming music service to boost Amazon Prime subscriptions and revenues.  ”It will be included as part of Amazon Prime as an additional benefit to customers at no additional cost and will be integrated into the current Amazon music experience,” Amazon is communicating to all prospective rights owners.

(b) That is part of a larger bundled media offering that includes streaming television and free books (and, of course, free two-day shipping).

(c) It is unclear how much streaming access Amazon will offer, though conditional downloads (however defined) will be part of the offering. ”The Service will offer Amazon Prime customers on-demand streaming and limited download access to a select amount of curated music,” the letter to rights owners continues.

(d) Outside of major labels and the largest content owners, independent labels will not be able to negotiate their terms.  The contact is ‘take it or leave it,’ according to sources.

(e) It is unclear when this service will be launched (even to Amazon executives, most likely), though rights owners are being asked to sign the following by May 1st, 2014.”

No details on the start of this new service or if it gets his own name. More news to come very soon.

Good or bad news? I think it depends on if you’re consumer or producer!

Source: Digital Music News