With his album coming out this month, Afrojack took the time to sit down with Mixmag and discuss the tone of the longplayer. It seems that the Dutch producer will follow the direction many EDM-artists take these days: to not have it sound like a “festival record”. Quoting:

“It’s like upside down world, it’s completely crazy. My whole album has almost no drops. (…) The album is not meant to be put on at a festival to jump to for 70 minutes. My album is meant, as most musical albums are meant, to listen to and enjoy. I want it to be an experience.”

The 26 years old also added that „before I’m 30 I want to take EDM to a Jay Z level… like ‘EDM’s so hard motherf*ckers wanna find me!’”.

(Source: Mixmag)

In the meantime, Afrojack has remixed the single „Do Or Die“ of Oscar-winning singer Jared Leto and his band 30 Seconds To Mars. This fits perfectly to his latest addiciton to more Pop- and chart-orientated productions like „Ten Feet Tall“ or his collaboration with singer Anouk. Have a listen:

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